3 Big Reasons to Invest in Tulum vacation Rentals Now

Is now the Time to Invest in Tulum Real Estate?

If you’re thinking about buying a Tulum vacation rental, you are not alone.

This coastal locale that’s become a focal point for yoga and wellness tourism. On the radar of investors for some time and is only expected to gain in popularity.

If you’re considering buying a rental home in Tulum, there are plenty of reasons to start investing now.

Here are the 3 Big Reasons to Invest your money in Tulum vacation rental right now without delay.

1. Mexico is on the verge of a huge vacation rental boom

Mexico is the third most visited country in the world, according to the World Tourism Organisation.
Mexico is on the verge of a huge vacation rental boom.

In fact, it became the third most visited destination worldwide during the pandemic year, despite losing 46.5% of its visitors.

The vacation rental market is estimated to grow from $5 billion at present to $20 billion by 2025, opening up massive opportunities for investors.

2. Tulum has a strong tourism industry and it’s only getting stronger

The tourism industry in Tulum will continue to grow.

Which means more and more people moving to Tulum looking for a place to rent.

Because as the number of tourists increases so does the demand for vacation rentals.

We are already witnessing a massive increase in rental prices and it’s only getting stronger by the day.

You can cash in on this growing trend with us and start earning from your first rental.

Rental prices in Tulum average around $125usd a night for a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath. And $2000usd+ for a 5 bedroom/5 bath Penthouses with luxury amenities.

The Tulum vacation rental properties have seen strong growth year by year. And it is only projected to continue.

But what about occupancy rates for Tulum vacation rentals? What if they lower?

The occupany rate has been strong despite the pandemic. With some proprties above 50% in occupancy rate.

However, a number of investors are not worried at all about the vacation rental market for their profits. They see it as the icing on the cake.

Such as Mike from Montréal, Québec who chose to invest in Tulum for a different reason.

“If you buy today and you miss one year or even two of rental income it’s not bad at all. Which is impossible. So unless you flip (and Tulum isn’t a place for that), you buy and hold.

“And the holding costs are very low in Mexico. Most buyers, take a mortgage. The reduced income during Covid isn’t that much of a problem and unlikely to happen.”

“I feel lucky to buy and own a vacation property in a place I love. Where it can eventually be paid off by tenants.”

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3. A strong secondary market for vacation rentals

Have you ever thought about renting out a property for vacation purposes?

With the tourist trend going upward in Mexico. We see a strong secondary market develop for Tulum vacation rentals.

Now in the post-Covid-19 vaccination phase, many foreigners who were eager to travel are doing so. In Tulum especially the travel bubble is growing.

An we’re seeing an increase in buying Tulum vacation property.

But this influx in demand is already pushing demand for certain units. With some people missing out.

“We are having multiple offers on many units. The Tulum market is moving daily. ” says Zulema, sale director at Caribe Luxury Homes.

“It’s tough seeing someone miss out on buying their dream property, or the property they love.”

“We want our clients to be the ones to own that dream property they really desire. But it’s often a matter of urgency. We are able to block out the unit for our clients with a fully refundable small deposit. So nobody else can claim the unit. And you can decide on if you will buy it.”

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Now is the best time to invest in vacation rental properties in Tulum, Mexico.

Don’t wait for the Tulum tourism market to fully recover and pay top dollar.

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