Aruma Tulum

Introducing The First Smart Condo-Hotel in Tulum

Aruma Tulum


Aruma, located in Tulum, was born from the need to create awareness in residential construction in Mexico.

The KNX standard is a stereotype of sustainability, it is the technology that governs the global home and building automation, an open protocol that connects all the electronically controllable functions of a home or building.

Integrating this technology into a residential project provides us with a range of benefits Impressive, since thanks to the data obtained, we can make precise management of resources, be it energy, water, etc.

So, you can comfortably regulate lighting, air conditioning, blinds, security and multimedia devices according to all your personal requirements.

Luxury with Home Smart Technology

Relax in the Outdoors

You can enjoy the outdoors easily.

Spacious modern kitchen

Modern kitchen with the latest smart technology with climate control.

Spacious Bedrooms

Relax in the space you can make your own.

Shared Infinity Pool & BBQ common area

Your own private area to entertain, relax and enjoy the sun.

Prices Starting at $100,000usd

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