7 Tulum Decor Style Ideas For Your Home

Pick & Mix these Tulum Decor Style Ideas to Make Your Home Tuluminati. The design and decor of Tulum captivate many visitors to the area. This rustic Mexican town is full of bohemian decorative styles. This article is a style guide so you can design your very own unique ultimate bohemian getaway home in Tulum. 1. Think Wood & White Decor The crisp, coastal vibe of Tulum is almost like living inside a coconut. With bright whites and rich mixed woods. Adobe walls and thatched roofs create a soothing setting. It’s very easy to get relaxed when you’re living in Tulum. The color

Tulum Vacation Home to Rent Out - Do's & Don'ts

Buying a Tulum Vacation Home to Rent Out – Dos and Don’ts

Tourists are looking for affordable and exciting vacation properties to stay in for their vacation in Tulum. And that’s what makes investing in Tulum vacation home rentals is an excellent investment. Many real estate investors are now buying a Tulum vacation home to rent out and also use as a second home. There are many different kinds of vacation homes in Tulum. Including condos, hotels and multi-family properties. Yet, few people know how to find and buy a Tulum vacation property. Here’s a helpful list of dos and don’ts to help you get started. Here are some things you need

What’s the difference between a condo or a townhouse?

Should you buy a condo or a townhouse in Riviera Maya Mexico? Are you think about purchasing Mexican property in the Riviera Maya? It’s important to consider what type of property will suit your needs. If you’re looking for a house in a condominium complex, you need to decide whether its a townhouse or a condo. The key difference between a condo and a townhouse is the sense of ownership. A condo is usually owned with many other people. A condo and townhouse have their differences. Each their own pros and cons. Do you prefer to be part of a

Natal Condos for Sale in Tulum

Is buying a condo in Tulum a good investment?

People now consider Tulum as a fantastic investment. Condo prices in Tulum have dramatically increased in a short period of time. There are now many condominium developments available for you to buy. And investors both local and foreign choose to invest in Tulum. Investing in condos because of the potential value they provide. But is buying a condo in Tulum a good investment for you? Long term yes, short term maybe not. As well the advantages, you also should know the disadvantages. So you can make a wise decision of whether investing in Tulum is a good idea for you

Tulum Real Estate Agent Showing Home

5 Things Tulum Real Estate Agents Do for You (as a Buyer)

Are you looking to buy property in Tulum Mexico? If so then you’re going to want to make sure that you know what you’re doing and get the help of a Tulum Real Estate agent. Because there are so many different options to choose from. It can be very easy to overlook the most important parts of buying a property in Tulum. Are you looking for help and advice when it comes to making your next real estate purchase in Tulum?Then a Tulum real estate agent is definitely something that you should consider. Here are 5 big ways a Tulum

Tulum Green School - Selva Zama

First Green School in All of America Opens in Tulum. And How Does This Effect Tulum’s Real Estate Market?

Kids often leave school bored and uninspired. Looking outside of school for their own passions and pursuits. And even when kids leave school or university it often takes years for them to find their true passion in life. Sometimes they may never find it. There is one thing that has needed to change for a long time. That’s the way our kid’s school. What is a Green School? A Green school gives children all the necessary learning for the outside world. Inspiring children’s natural entrepreneurial spirit while nurturing their creativity. There are 3 official Green Schools in the world. And

3 Big Reasons to Invest in Tulum Vacation Rentals Now

Is now the Time to Invest in Tulum Real Estate? If you’re thinking about buying a Tulum vacation rental, you are not alone. This coastal locale that’s become a focal point for yoga and wellness tourism. On the radar of investors for some time and is only expected to gain in popularity. If you’re considering buying a rental home in Tulum, there are plenty of reasons to start investing now. Here are the 3 Big Reasons to Invest your money in Tulum vacation rental right now without delay. 1. Mexico is on the verge of a huge vacation rental boom

We’re looking for people who want to invest in Tulum

If you have a desire to invest in Tulum, then I have a team of 9 trained real estate professionals ready to show you where to place your money where it can grow. If you want to invest in Tulum, my 9 colleagues and I would like to chat with you. We will help you find out whether you can invest in Tulum and become a successful investor. We know that many men and women who could become investors – and should become investors – never do. Some are uncertain of their ability to invest and have no reliable way

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12 Best Drinks You Must Try When in Mexico

Mexican Drink You Need to Try at Least Once! Mexico has some very exotic-like drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic. and it would be a shame not to sample some of these fine drinks right? From delicious cocktails to creamy rice drinks. You will find a drink to suit your tastebuds. 1. Tequila Tequila is the well-known liquor of Mexico. They make tequila only in the western state of Jalisco (the drink they named it after the city of Tequila). Distilled from the sugars of the blue agave plant. Tequila is divided into four major categories. Blanco, reposado, añejo and extra-añejo. Mostly

This year, more people will buy property in Tulum than any other. Here’s why.

This year will mark the biggest profits of real estate in Tulum. In the nearby past, several new housing developments have been announced. These are expected to pump millions into the local economy. A few years ago, tourism was mainly limited to beach-goers. Nowadays, however, many people who visit Tulum (and other parts of Mexico) also go biking and do a variety of water sports. Having property here in Tulum is indeed an excellent investment. If you don’t have any spare cash but have equity in your home, you can sell your home in the States and buy a third

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