condo fees in Playa del Carmen

How much are condo fees in Playa del Carmen?

Condo fees are something that most people in Playa del Carmen don’t want to pay, but they’re a fact of life here.

Many new visitors find themselves in awe over how much they cost. It’s such a hot topic on my local Facebook groups I wanted to do some research and answer the question.

What are condo fees?

Condo fees refer to money paid by homeowners to cover a building’s expenses. The amount is usually based on the size of the unit, amenities, and any unexpected expenses.

How much are condo fees in Playa del Carmen Mexico?

Take a look at average condo fees in Playa del Carmen, and you’ll see they are surprisingly affordable. For example, one fairly new construction building has a mix of studio and one-bedroom apartments with common expenses that come to a total of 3,250 pesos per month.

This averages out to about $180 USD – living in paradise does not have to be expensive!

One of the first things that newcomers to Playa del Carmen want to know is how much condo fees maybe for their future condo in Playa.

This is a difficult question for expats to answer because there are literally hundreds of buildings and condominiums in Playa del Carmen.

On top of that, building fees can vary from complex to complex, so knowing the exact condo fee will depend on whether you live in a turnkey or resale unit, whether construction has been completed and other factors.

For most condos, the condo fee will likely run in the $100-200 per month range for residents who don’t take extra services. This also depends on whether or not one takes association services. We have talked over time with many real estate agents, developers, and building owners and can speak from experience when we say that this is a question they get asked almost every day by people new to Playa del Carmen. 

When looking at a listing with your real estate agent be sure to ask about how much the fees and all related costs are. They will happily explain everything to you.

Click here if you would like to chat with a real estate agent today and find out how much all the related costs are with the condos you are looking at.


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