Elena Cardone & Grant Cardone in Riviera Maya Mexico

Elena & Grant Cardone 10X in Riviera Maya Mexico

Playa del Carmen – Elena and Grant Cardone visited Riviera Maya Mexico to talk about Real Estate and the importance of building wealth. Grant Cardone is a proponent of the philosophy 10x. Believing that in order to be wildly successful, you must have big dreams and big goals.

Grant expressed his desire to do business here in Riviera Maya Mexico. Riviera Maya Mexico has become a hot spot for investors like Grant Cardone who are buying up large developments.

“We moved to Miami 8 years ago to be closer to Mexico. My wife and I came because we want to do things with you.” says Grant

“When we got to this town [Playa del Carmen] I said ‘man this feels like home here.” says Grant.

Elena Cardone with Zulema Murillo, Alberto Degan & Sheyla.

Grant talked about how many people are undervaluing property here in Riviera Maya Mexico.

“You have neighbors who think it’s too expensive. But they don’t have their minds straight.”

“And the Russians are coming to Tulum and they are buying it up like it’s free.”

“We are down in Mexico because we want to go places. I don’t know how many people like me you got coming down here but I am here to help.”

Grant Cardone flew from Miami to Cancun in his newly $66.5 Million 2020 Gulfstream G650ER. And headed back to Miami Sunday night.

Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen is becoming the playground for many international Millionaires and influencers who are discovering the life, investment opportunities, and beauty of the place.

Video Below of Grant Cardone speaking at a private event in Playa del Carmen:

Grant Cardone Talks about opportunities in Riviera Maya Mexico & his interest in doing business in Mexico.



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