3 Best Places to Invest in Mexico

Where are the best places to buy property in Mexico? We cover the top 3 places that you will love in this article.

Where to Invest in Mexico

Are you thinking about where the best places to invest in Mexico and not sure where to buy? I don’t blame you as it can be hard to decide. 

With its rich history, friendly culture and stunning vibrant scenery. Mexico offers lots of variety. From powder-delicate sandy seashores in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. To the lavish rainforests and tough mountains. 

Mexico is one of the world’s top traveling destinations. And a famous area for second home ownership. With high quality homes available to buy. 

If you are thinking about buying land in Playa del Carmen, then be sure to do plenty of research. 

Here’s our pick of the best places to invest in Mexico.

Best Places to Invest in Mexico.
Tulum property for sale.


Found on the Caribbean shore of Mexico, Tulum is one of the gems in Mexico’s crown. The community was once an off-the-radar destination. 

But now has become a popular place for those who practice yoga. Sparking worldwide press on Instagram and billboards in New York City. Lauding its tranquil coastline and 1,000-year-old Mayan remnants. 

Combined with a bohemian vibe, Tulum is now one of the most desired locations in Riviera Maya. With lots of people coming to absorb some nutrient D on its lovely white-sand seashores. And Tasting tropical mixed drinks in chic bars and eateries in the evening. The flood of guests has given a significant boost to development and land in Tulum. 

New apartment suites and condo developments are popping up. With gated communities like Aldea Zama. Offering great opportunities for anyone looking for a summer home close to seashores. And a venture property that can produce huge returns by via the vacation rental market.

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Best Places to Invest in Mexico
Playa del Carmen Property for Sale.


Playa del Carmen is a well-known travel destination that’s become an established city. Located 40 miles north of Tulum on the sun-drenched Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is a well-known holiday spot.

Like its smaller neighbor Tulum, it has lovely seashores and turquoise Caribbean waters. Playa del Carmen offers unique tours like ziplining, snorkeling and theme parks. You can enjoy an immersive shopping experience on Fifth Avenue (La Quinta Avenida).

And be sure to swim the reefs encompassing the nearby island of Cozumel. The evening time is full of excitement. With vogue bars and eateries and seashore clubs and music shows entertaining. Many properties offer financial profit from Playa del Carmen’s huge travel industry.

With new villas from reasonable to luxury. And condominiums and hotel suites available to buy near stunning beaches.

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Best Places to Invest in Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta property for sale.


There are a lot of extraordinary spots to buy property in Mexico. One of the most popular is on the nation’s Pacific coast. A town called Puerto Vallarta in the State of Jalisco.

With its brilliant sand seashores. Magical Spanish colonial-style and beautiful cobblestone boulevards. It’s welcoming boutiques and cafés have made the city one of the most well-known in Mexico.

It is the perfect place to explore romance, culture, and adventure. With romantic style condos with its old-world style. There are various new condo development in progress.

Offering contemporary condos for sale with luxury amenities. Such as rooftop top pools, spas, and gyms. Roughly 10 miles toward the north of Puerto Vallarta is the community of Nuevo Vallarta. Offering investment opportunities such as resort condo suites and villas on the beach.

How to find your Perfect Property in Mexico

So, what is the best spot to buy property in Mexico? That depends on you. Which part of this beautiful nation you actually like? Whether you’re searching for a vacation condo on the Riviera Maya.

Or a Luxury home with the vibe of the Old World in Puerto Vallarta. There are a lot of choices to consider all over Mexico.

To discover more and to start your search for property in Mexico. Contact Caribe Luxury Homes Mexico, the Caribbean Property experts today.

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