where art & Nature meet

Arthouse is a unique project where Nature and Art merge in the same space.

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A nest, a refuge, a trampoline.

Nestled in the high end living area of Aldea Zamá. Arthouse is a place of wellness for guests, who are looking to rest and reconnect with their senses.
Arthouse is a space of Art, but also made of Art and Nature.

Arthouse Pool


Arthouse is located in the heart of Tulum close to downtown, Mayan Ruins and Caribean Sea. 8 buildings surrounded by miles of Tropical Jungle.
Arthouse Library
Arthouse Amenities
Arthouse Art Gallery
Arthouse Art Piece
Arthouse Outdoor Relaxation
Arthouse Relaxation
Arthouse 8 Towers
Arthouse Pool
Arthouse immediate Delivery
Arthouse Pentgarden
Arthouse Pentgarden Living Room
Arthouse Pentgarden Bedroom
Arthouse Pentgarden Dining Room
Arthouse Pentgarden Pool
Arthouse Pentgarden Plan
Luxury Penthouse
Luxury Penthouse Dining Room
Luxury Penthouse Living Room
Luxury Penthouse Outdoor Rooftop
Luxury Penthouse
Luxury Penthouse Staircase
Arthouse Outdoor
Design Arthouse Bedroom
Design Arthouse Outdoor Patio
Design Arthouse Living room

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