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Does Tulum Investment Property Make You Money?

Tulum is one of the top high rental yielding beach towns in the world. Popular for real estate investors who want to invest at fast pace. But how do you make money on your Tulum Investment Property? And what makes Tulum Properties one of the best investments? Let’s answer all this for you. Why Invest in Mexico Real Estate? Buying real estate in Tulum is one of the best investments right now, with luxury condos in Tulum beating the stock market with 8-15% return on investment. Most stock markets average yearly expected return is between 5.43% according to conducted reports

playa del carmen beach property for sale - Playa del Carmen Real Estate

Does Playa del Carmen Investment Property Make You Money?

Since the crowning of Playa del Carmen as the #1 destination in Latin America for 2018. Playa del Carmen has cemented itself more in the investment world and as a premium tourist destination for many Americans. But, you may be thinking. Is Playa del Carmen Investment property really a safe investment to make? Playa del Carmen is become popular for real estate investors, who are investing in Playa del Carmen at a fast pace. And many Americans already decided to invest their money in Playa del Carmen Investment property. But, why invest in a small city like Playa del Carmen?

Guide to Buying Property in Mexico – Simple Guide for Foreigners

The real estate market in Mexico is very attractive. Vacationing and retiring in one of the most beautiful tourist spots. Many choose Riviera Maya with its sandy beaches, blue ocean, and easy lifestyle. Opportunities to invest and buy your own properties are good. Many of the locations in Riviera Maya offer exciting opportunities accessible to foreigners. The Mexican real estate market has its own peculiarities, like every other market. When you understand the market and its complexities you will save time and stress. As a foreigner, you depend on trustworthy real estate agents and real estate advisors to help you

9 Reasons Why Americans Love Moving to Mexico

Are you on the fence about moving to Mexico? Well, being on stuck on the fence, isn’t a good place to be for too long. Alas, here is a list we compiled of the good reasons, so you can decide for yourself if a life in Mexico is right for you. Starting with… 9 Reasons Why Americans Love Moving to Mexico 1) Better weather than back home, every season. Is your skin feeling tired and needs a healthy dose of vitamin D in those winter months? Places in Mexico such as Playa del Carmen (in the Yucatan Peninsula) guarantee you

Coronavirus COVID-19 Mexico Updates on Live Map

COVID-19 Live Updates on Interactive Google Map: Confirmed Case in Mexico

Click on this live interaction map above with latest Updates for Mexico. 5 things to Help Avoid Getting COVID-19 Wash your hands thoroughly all day. Maintain social distance with others. Make sure you maintain a 1-meter distance between yourself and anyone else who is coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, noses, and mouth. If your hands are contaminated, they can spread the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. Cover your mouth and nose when cough or sneeze. Make sure to continue to wash your hands. Soap disables the COVID-19 virus. Seek medical attention early. If you have difficulty

Playa del carmen penthouse for sale view balcony

Playa del Carmen Penthouse Duplex with Rooftop Pool​

Penthouse Duplex with Private Rooftop Pool Luxury Investment Condo in the heart of Playa del Carmen City Condo for Sale in Playa del Carmen Previous Next Click Arrows on image Request Property Details via email A Turn-key Profitable Luxury Vacation Rental About this Property This apartment has a very modern touch with a beautiful balcony. 2 bedrooms with 2 king beds and 3 bathrooms. A large terrace with private pool. It is a 5 minute walk to the beach and very close to many restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafes. The condo has many amenities: gym, movie theatre, kids club, pools

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