Natal Condos for Sale in Tulum

Is buying a condo in Tulum a good investment?

People now consider Tulum as a fantastic investment. Condo prices in Tulum have dramatically increased in a short period of time.

There are now many condominium developments available for you to buy.

And investors both local and foreign choose to invest in Tulum. Investing in condos because of the potential value they provide.

But is buying a condo in Tulum a good investment for you? Long term yes, short term maybe not.

As well the advantages, you also should know the disadvantages. So you can make a wise decision of whether investing in Tulum is a good idea for you or not.

Tulum is still pretty much undiscovered

Tulum sits on about five hundred thousand acres of the Riviera Maya region, south of playa del Carmen.

It has become a popular holiday destination for anyone who wishes to experience it’s all year around tropical weather and activities that allow them to immerse themselves in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The town’s main draw is a huge assortment of off-the-hook real estate investments, many of which are purchased by international buyers looking to capitalize on the strong dollar.

Tulum condos are selling at a pace that has surpassed many other resort towns nearby such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Making money from renting out their properties when they are not using it.

The Tulum market mature, Tulum is in its infancy making it the perfect time to buy your investment condo.

buying a condo in Tulum
Map of Tulum growing real estate development. While still in its infancy – Tulum is developing fast due to demand.

Tulum is growing with ex-pats and tourists every year

The growing number of tourists and expats look for short-term to long-term rental property in Tulum. That’s why investing in a Tulum condo is a smart investment now and into the future.

The high-end eco-tourism market is booming. Tulum is a city that has benefited from this demand. 
As an international buyer, you can experience firsthand how amazing this place is.

We have real estate projects that build unique condos that are attractive to visitors to Tulum.

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buying a condo in Tulum

You can get a lot more space in Tulum for your buck

The year-round warm weather is sun worshipers paradise.A relatively close location to the US for prices much less.

You can get a lot more space in Tulum for your buck compared to other places in the world.

Although Tulum is a favorite spot for celebrities to purchase land, condos in Tulum are a lot less expensive than other beauty destinations like Malibu or St. Barts.

Property investors can enjoy a high rental yield and rent out their property for 1 to 3 times their mortgage price.

buying a condo in Tulum
Tulum Mistiq condos are one of the popular properties visitors like to vacation rent.

Is price a major factor in deciding whether you’re going to own an investment property in Tulum?

When you look at the cost of a Caribbean beachfront condo versus other places in the world. You realize you get a lot more space in Tulum for your buck compared to other places in the world.

We’ve already found some great condos for you to look at that will fit your budget and lifestyle perfectly. If you are a condo owner already you will know all the great benefits.

Here are some benefits of owning a condo in Tulum:

  • Common areas such as pool, BBQ area, pet parks etc.
  • Property is maintained by someone else.
  • You can collect rental income and cash flow from renting out your property to vacationers.

Why struggle to live in a place where it’s hard to enjoy all that life has to offer? In Tulum, you can get it all.

What is the price of a condo for sale in Tulum Mexico?

If you’re looking for a new place to live, condos in Tulum are a good option. A condo in Tulum can be purchased starting at $100K USD or less.

How much are HOA fees in Mexico?

Click here to explore condos on sale in Tulum.

Is this a good investment for you? If you are thinking about a long-term then yes. Are you thinking of short-term investing in Tulum? Then the Tulum real estate market might not be the best investment for you right now.

Click here to contact real estate agents to help guide you on whether buying a property in Tulum is right for you.

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