Sargassum bricks founder

Houses Built with Sargassum in Mexico

We’re living in a world where we can build houses out of anything—even sargassum.

In 2015, Mexican beaches received a huge amount of sargassum, which led to one man’s discovery of the unique properties of this algae. Omar Vázquez, owner of a nursery, started a business with these algae by using them as fertilizer and selling them to his customers. Then he discovered their use for construction, creating sargassum bricks that could be used as bricks in housing.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of sargassum as a building product, Vázquez built a house with his bare hands using sargassum bricks. And now, he has patented this unique product!

Benefits of Sargassum bricks:

  • Take their shape from handcrafted wooden molds truly being organic craftsmanship.
  • They are 100% organic and made from 40-60% sargassum and an organic mixture.
  • They are insulated and improve acoustics compared to traditional bricks; they also cost less than traditional bricks because they are so durable! A house built with sargassum bricks will last more than 120 years.
CBS report on Sargassum Brick
CBS reported on Sargassum bricks. Image credit.

In 2019 CBS did a news report on the use of sargassum bricks in the construction in Riviera Maya Mexico. Click here to read the article and view the videoclip.

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