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Aldea Zamá Tulum Real Estate is an investment for a better lifestyle.

Surround yourself with the Mayan nature.
Join the exclusive Aldea Zama Tulum community.

Why buy and live in the most exclusive neighborhood in Tulum?

Aldea Zama Tulum is one of the most private neighborhoods in Tulum. Located not far from the now-famous Tulum archaeological site and just 90 minutes from the Cancun international airport.  Its beauty and harmony with nature attract you like no other place.

Aldea Zamá’s luxury property is unique yet very affordable compared to other prominent places in the world. With the rapid growth of Tulum’s real estate market, secluded areas like Aldea Zamá are premium and top-notch.

There are many different homes, projects and developments available in Aldea Zama Tulum. With unique amenities such as private pools, shared swimming pools, temescal, private cenote, yoga areas and heatlth spas. Scroll below to view more.

Properties for sale in Aldea Zama Tulum

Premium properties available for purchase.

Aldea Zama Tulum Vacation Home

Luxury Condos in Pre-construction

We have pre-construction luxury condo units for sale at affordable prices.

Aldea Zama Jungle House

Luxury single-family real estate

Are you looking for your vacation home? We have luxury single family homes available for you to review upon request.

Aldea Zama Land for Sale

Land for sale in Aldea Zamá

Buying land is a great investment. We have land that you will love to see and buy. Ask us today.

Commercial real estate

Premium commercial real estate is available at Aldea Zamá. Request our listings today.

What people say about Aldea Zama Real Estate

Reactions of people who live or stay in Aldea Zamá

"Very nice individually owned condos. Most are used for daily rentals, some long-term, and even less owner-occupied."
Chris Davis
"Very nice condo, with an excellent infrastructure. And affordable for seasonal rental."
Selma V
"Excellent place to relax and enjoy nature in a unique private place."
Jose M

Map of Aldea Zama Tulum

The area of ​​Aldea Zama is 80 hectares.

What does the name 'Aldea Zamá' mean?

‘Village’ means town or place. ‘Zamá’ translates to sunrise or sunrise. It was a sacred place of the ancient Mayans who were attracted by its mystique and presence. Aldea Zamá was designed to be an exclusive area for those who enjoy luxury and live in harmony with nature.

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