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Luum Zama Neighborhood, Nestled within Aldea Zama Tulum

Luum Zama offer a secluded lush green private community thats an investment for a better lifestyle.

A Secure Private Community with 60% Preserved Jungle and Fauna.

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Embrace the Harmony of Luxury and Nature

Nestled within the prestigious Aldea Zama, Luum Zama emerges as a sanctuary where the lush vibrancy of nature coalesces with the refined elegance of modern living. This exclusive gated community, unparalleled in Tulum, offers a retreat for those who seek a lifestyle that harmonizes luxury with the profound tranquility and beauty of the jungle.

Luum Zama is a privilege neighborhood that offers unique, peaceful and secluded homes. With the rapid growth of Tulum’s real estate market, secluded areas like Luum Zama, Aldea Zamá are premium and only reserved for the privileged few.

There are limted number of homes,  condominium projects and home developments available in Luum Zama, Aldea Zama Tulum. With unique amenities such as private pools, shared swimming pools, temescal, private cenote, yoga areas and heatlth spas. Scroll below to view more.

With 60% of the jungle preserved within Luum Zama to maintain the ecological and spiritual essence of the area.

A Community Like No Other

At the heart of Luum Zama lies a profound respect for the natural environment, with 60% of the jungle preserved to maintain the ecological and spiritual essence of the area. Our community is a testament to sustainable luxury, offering residents stunning green spaces, breathtaking jungle views, and amenities designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Amenities Designed for Wellness and Connection

  • Yoga Palapa & Spa: For moments of serenity and rejuvenation.
  • Temazcal & Amphitheater: Spaces for cultural immersion and entertainment.
  • Clubhouse & Trails: For social gatherings and explorations.
  • Pool & Open-air Gym: To stay fit while embracing the natural surroundings.
  • Wi-Fi & Kid’s Playground: Ensuring convenience and fun for every family member.
  • Viewpoint: Where the beauty of Tulum unfolds before your eyes.
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Recent Properties for sale in Luum Zama, Aldea Zama Tulum.

Premium properties available for purchase.

Miraluna Tulum Luxury Condos

Premium Penthouse Condos Available within Luum Zama. Request our listings today.

What people say about Luum Zama, Aldea Zama.

Reactions of people who live or stay in Luum Zama, Aldea Zamá

"Completely to disconnect and relax in an environment of nature and comfort."
Gab R
"The quiet place, where I can relax and be at peace."
Jill F
"Excellent place to relax and enjoy nature in a unique private place."
Jose M

Map of Luum Zama, Aldea Zama Tulum

Here is the map of the area of Luum Zama, Aldea Zama.

What does the name 'Luum Zamá' mean?

“Luum” in Mayan languages often refers to “earth” or “land,” which aligns with the community’s focus on preserving natural landscapes and promoting ecological awareness. The emphasis on integrating modern living spaces with the lush tropical landscape of Tulum, alongside amenities that encourage a connection with nature, reflects a commitment to harmonizing human habitation with the environment.

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FAQ's for Luum Zama, Aldea Zama Tulum.

  1. 1. What is Luum Zama?
    Luum Zama is an exclusive gated community within Aldea Zama, designed to offer an authentic lifestyle deeply connected with nature. It’s known for its large green areas, stunning jungle views, and modern amenities inspired by Mayan culture​​.

    2. Where is Luum Zama located?
    Luum Zama is located in the heart of Tulum, inside the prestigious subdivision of Aldea Zama. It’s close to Tulum’s main attractions, including the archaeological zone, beaches, restaurants, and cenotes​​.

    3. What types of properties are available in Luum Zama?
    Luum Zama offers a range of properties, including single-family homes, multi-family lots, and condos. Each property features unique designs that blend contemporary architecture with Mayan cultural elements​​.

    4. Are there any amenities within Luum Zama?
    Yes, Luum Zama boasts a wide array of amenities, including a yoga palapa, spa, temazcal, amphitheater, clubhouse, trails, pool, open-air gym, Wi-Fi, kid’s playground, and a viewpoint​​.

    5. How does Luum Zama promote a connection with nature?
    Luum Zama is committed to preserving 60% of its jungle terrain as natural land, ensuring residents can enjoy the natural beauty of Tulum. Its design and amenities encourage outdoor activities and a lifestyle that respects the environment​​.

    6. What makes Aldea Zama unique?
    Aldea Zama is a luxury residential community that defines modern life in the Riviera Maya by integrating contemporary living with the mysticism of Tulum. It offers a range of residential and commercial lots, emphasizing social and natural integration​​.

    7. Can I invest in Luum Zama?
    Yes, Luum Zama presents investment opportunities in residential properties. Its unique blend of luxury, nature, and Mayan culture, along with its location in Tulum, makes it an attractive option for investors​​​​.

    8. Is Luum Zama eco-friendly?
    Absolutely. Luum Zama’s development is based on eco-friendly architectural designs that harmonize with the surrounding landscape, reflecting a deep commitment to environmental sustainability​​.

    9. How close is Luum Zama to Tulum’s attractions?
    Luum Zama is centrally located, offering easy access to Tulum’s archaeological sites, beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. Residents can enjoy everything Tulum has to offer, often within a short bike ride​​.

    10. How can I learn more about purchasing a property in Luum Zama?
    For more information on purchasing a property in Luum Zama, you can contact the sales team directly through their official website or email. They provide comprehensive support to potential buyers, from exploring options to finalizing the purchase

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