5 Reasons for Investing in Mayan Riviera

5 Reasons for Investing in Mayan Riviera Real Estate in 2021

Mayan Riviera Real Estate is a darling of foreign investors and tourists. It attracts no less than 70% of tourists and foreign investments coming into Mexico.

And there’s no need to guess why. With its warm weather all year round, its white-sand beaches with multi-colored turquoise water. The affordable price on Real Estate with so many exciting features and amenities combine to justify foreign investment interest.

The city extends from Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast through Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras, to Tulum. That’s 80 miles of beachfront real estate, and the feeling here is like getting away to paradise.

It has beautiful top-rated beaches and resorts with startling sceneries. Modern structures in a safe surrounding. With every amenities to satisfy your social needs.

This place has come to be one of the most attractive places in the world. The Mexican government pours billions of investments into its infrastructure. Because this place is expected and anticipating lots more massive population growth well into the future.

However, if you’re not totally convinced about this market, below are listed some of the 5 Reasons for Investing in Mayan Riviera Real Estate in 2021 and why it’s the smartest thing to do right now:

Mexico's Annual GDP Growth

1. Mexico’s Strong Economic Forecast is excellent

This should be the first thing to consider when investing in a country. The good news is that the Mexican economy is booming and it’s the strongest in Latin America. 

The country is the world’s top producer of manufactured goods – they surpass China for quality and price. The Wall Street Journal tagged Mexico the world’s New Economic Superpower and the Financial Times expects that the economy remains strong. 

The weak peso, which looks like the dark cloud, isn’t even deterring investors and tourists as we would get to see later.

Number of Tourists that arrive in Cancun Airport (Riviera Maya).

2. Tourists visits in Mayan Riviera are 70% of all tourists for Mexico

A lot more people are recognizing the beauty and value of Mayan Riviera. Last year alone, more than 13 million tourists came to enjoy this paradise. 

What does that mean to you as an investor? Avenues for incredible income for owning real estate anywhere near the beautiful beachfront from Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras to Tulum. 

It makes sense to capitalize on profiting from its high national and international tourism.

Riviera Maya Beachfront property

3. Investors are Increasingly Pouring Billions of Dollars into Mayan Riviera Real Estate

When you see vultures circling around a place, you can tell what they’ve seen. Likewise, the interest by the billions poured into luxurious new developments, in spite of the weak peso, are signs of profitability. 

There are plans to invest in businesses and properties in this market almost on a daily basis. 

From the $235 million investment by Thor Equity Group to more than $1 billion investment by OHL, and the announcement of $800 million worth of investment last year by Dreamworks — the lists goes on and on.

Riviera Maya Resort Beachfront

4. Top Gains on Capital Investments and High Occupancy rate

Hotels and property managers who rent out vacation homes and condos to tourists in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera report average occupancy rates of 80% – 90%. 

Even more, last year there was a 100% occupancy rate in the Mayan Riviera. In fact, the demand exceeded availability. There are more condos to be built and hotels to be constructed. On this kind of investment, you can expect to see a return of 8% ROI annually from rental income alone.

And as we have stated, the reason for high occupancy that is still expected to keep improving is because of great weather, top beaches, ecological and archaeological wonderland, world-class golf courses, top-rated hotels in the world, 70% tourism and foreign investment dollars, fastest-growing area on the planet, awesome infrastructure and amenities, creative and creature comforts, and low prices.

You can expect on average a 25% equity gain on a pre-construction condo purchase upon completion of the project. These supreme advantages have all contributed to benefit anyone willing to invest.

Property taxes in Mexico

5. What about Property Taxes in Mexico?

Well, property taxes are almost non-existent in Mexico. Annual property taxes in Mexico are .001%. This means for taxes on a $500,000 property will be $500 a year. Isn’t that just amazing? Compare that to property taxes in the U.S. and Canada that comes at an average of 3%.

I’m sure you’re totally convinced, which means you would need more information to get moving to take advantage of the opportunities aplenty in Mayan Riviera Real Estate. Caribe Luxury Homes has got the other vital information you would need concerning this amazing place.

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