Retire in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Is Playa del Carmen a good place to retire for Americans?

Americans and Canadians are making the move to Playa del Carmen Mexico to enjoy a better lifestyle where their retirement money goes further.

Retiring in Playa del Carmen Mexico

If sipping ice-cold drinks on a warm white sandy beach amongst a community of friends is something you can imagine, then Playa del Carmen just might be the place for you.

Many Americans love living in Mexico’s most beautiful small beach city.

And Playa del Carmen makes it to the top of the list of beach cities for retirement.

Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Merida are close contenders.

The 3 main choices are Cancun, Merida, and Playa del Carmen.

Why Do Americans Choose to live and Retire in Playa del Carmen?

With close access to the Cancun airport (40 minutes away) and a small-town beach-friendly feel, Playa del Carmen’s has become an expat resident favorite.

“I live in Playa del Carmen and love it here. Playa del Carmen is a big enough city to have everything you would want. Just the right mix of a beach town, fun things to do, and excellent restaurants.” says Chris a US expat resident living in Playa del Carmen.

Though Merida is a great contender, many Americans and Canadians find it unbearably hot and prefer the closer proximity to the Cancun Airport. With an ever-growing expat community that’s growing larger every day, many residents feel at home in Playa del Carmen.

How many US expats live in Playa del Carmen Mexico?

Playa del Carmen is still growing, the economy is expanding, and the cost of living continues to decrease.

Playa del Carmen is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations for retirees, and the number of expats living in this city continues to grow.

It’s estimated that about 186,000 expat residents live part-time to full-time in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

Escape the High-Cost of living in USA

One Expat local Playa del Carmen resident chose Mexico for retirement. Escaping the overwhelming living costs in the USA. She was at an emotional breaking point in her retired life.

“I was terrified of getting some illness that would bankrupt me. I’m a retired single woman, who wanted to move somewhere where my retirement money will go further. I lived in a VERY high-cost city in the US.” says Rose.

Is Playa del Carmen a safe place to live for Americans?

Playa del Carmen is a very safe city for tourists and expats. However, you should remember to use your commonsense.

Playa del Carmen has a low crime rate; however, like any other city in the world, you should be careful when leaving your belongings alone and walking around in dimly lit areas outside of Centro Playa del Carmen. But again this would be advice you would give to anyone in any other city in the world.

I’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for over 10 years and have never been robbed or had any problems with crime.

Often the media paints the picture of Mexico as a dangerous place for travelers and expats but it is far from true.

This could be because Mexico is a popular place to live and travel for North Americans and tourism marketers try to deter people from visiting as they want them to visit their own destinations instead.

Do I Need a Visa to Live in Mexico as an American?

Are you planning to move to Mexico permanently or for an extended period of time? And are you wondering if you need a visa to stay in Mexico?

There are different types of Mexican visitor permits (or visas). To move, you’ll need either the FM3 or FM2 visa. The FM3 (or No Inmigrante) Long-Term, Non-Immigrant Visa is what tourists apply for in order to stay in Mexico for longer than 6 months.

The FM2 visa called the Inmigrante Visa, is what you’ll need if you want to be a permanent resident in Mexico. Or if you are ​planning to obtain Mexican Citizenship in the future.

It’s best to seek advice and hire a trustable immigration attorney, however, it is possible to do it all yourself.

Doing it yourself can be frustrating and will take you much longer than having your own attorney do it for you.

If you would like a recommendation for trustable attorneys and lawyers who work in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Aventuras then be sure to send us a message – click here.

Click here to learn more about 3 ways to obtain a visa in Mexico.

Is the Cost of Living per year in Playa del Carmen Mexico lower than USA?

With the living cost being so low in Playa del Carmen and the high-quality health care less expensive, the worry of high-cost eating into your retirement becomes a distance worry when living in Mexico.

And the cost of living can range between $10,000 to $25,000 US dollars per year depending on your own personal preferences.

Click here to find out how much you can save by living in Playa del Carmen compared to your city.

Can I Buy a home in Playa del Carmen Mexico as an American?

Yes, you can! In fact, until a change of law in recent years, you couldn’t buy property in Mexico. With so much demand for foreign investment in Mexico, there was a change in the law that permits foreigners to buy land through a trust.

Many Americans choose to buy their next home in Mexico for retirement and comfortable living and making their cost of living lower than renters.

They enjoy easy living in a community of expats friends and friendly locals. They travel frequently, visiting friends and family whenever they choose.

They enjoy the freedom of living between places. While some residents rent their property to vacationers and earning extra money to fund their own lifestyle, others choose not to.

Are you thinking of retiring in Playa del Carmen Mexico and need a home to live? Feel free to contact Grissel via email or via our contact page – click here.

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