This year, more people will buy property in Tulum than any other. Here’s why.

This year will mark the biggest profits of real estate in Tulum. In the nearby past, several new housing developments have been announced. These are expected to pump millions into the local economy.

A few years ago, tourism was mainly limited to beach-goers. Nowadays, however, many people who visit Tulum (and other parts of Mexico) also go biking and do a variety of water sports.

Having property here in Tulum is indeed an excellent investment. If you don’t have any spare cash but have equity in your home, you can sell your home in the States and buy a third house somewhere in Tulum for less than the value of your property back home.

Booming Tulum Housing Market Will Only Increase

Buying land in Tulum is a lucrative, long-term investment. You get a vacation home that you also have the potential to rent out or sell for a profit.

But buying property anywhere, especially internationally, can be tricky. There are endless factors to consider aside from the price of land and real estate.

Primarily, you want to take into account luxury living opportunities in a booming area when considering the investment market. If you’re going to buy property today, it’s best you begin your research.

We provide information that will make it easier for you to see whether Tulum is right for you as an investment market.

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Why is Tulum getting so popular?

Tulum is no longer just a small beach town. It has now become one of the most desirable locations in all of Central America for buyers and renters who value style, privacy and luxury.

A recent U.S. Census report shows that Tulum has surpassed cities such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen as the “most popular non-permanent vacation destination” among millennials representing 24% of their travel budget.

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What about the Tulum Real Estate Bubble?

A housing bubble is created when people have unrealistic expectations about the future purchasing power of their money. When this expectation rises, it can cause real estate prices to rise.

Is there a Tulum Real Estate Bubble happening?

In Tulum, there is no housing bubble — no spiking real estate prices, and no rapid increase in demand. The real estate developers interested in Tulum do not intend to create a Tulum real estate bubble.

Rather, they are simply providing buyers with an attractive product at an attractive price that will enable them to sell their home at higher prices than would otherwise be possible.

Is Now the time to buy property in Tulum?

When to buy a Tulum property as vacation rental or as a primary residence is the big question that most people ask. Right now the prices are affordable and there is plenty of choices!

Like many Caribbean destinations, Tulum has a unique character that cannot be replicated in other locations.

Tulum is currently a buyers market but this could change soon as supply reduces while the demand continually goes up.

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Finding your dream property in Mexico is not an easy task.

Use our real estate agents at Caribe Luxury Homes who are well-acquainted with tulum real estate for a professional and confident buying experience.

‘My wife and I were looking to move to Tulum but did not know anybody there. After working with the agents at Caribe Luxury Homes we got all our questions answered, they introduced us to a property we just love. We were able to close on a property within 30 days. This is something we could not have done by ourselves.’ – John Ford of California, United States.

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Does Tulum Investment Property Make You Money?


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