Tulum Airport Will be Built in 2024

The federal government has reached an agreement with the owner of the land where the airport will be built, says AMLO.

Tulum is currently a popular destination for the rich and famous, however, those who wish to visit must drive from Cancun International Airport to Tulum. In high season, this drive can take 3 hours due to gridlock traffic.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed during a press conference on Wednesday that construction for an airport in Tulum will begin when the new airport in Mexico City is complete.

A plane of Mexico airline Aeromexico sits on the tarmac at Cancun airport in Cancun, Quintana Roo state, Mexico on February 17, 2019. (Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP)

The Mexican President has announced the purchase of the land and that construction would be handled by engineers from the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that the Tulum Airport project will begin after the construction of the new airport in Mexico City is completed. The new Tulum airport is expected to open towards the end of 2023.

The construction of a new airport in Tulum will cover 1,200 hectares and have a 3,500-meter runway.

Tulum Mayor Dzul was pleased to hear that the Tulum Airport will be built. This comes as a welcome announcement since the airport project and the Mayan train will reactivate the economy of Tulum.

This is good news for Real estate buyers in Tulum who will benefit from the new connectivity. Tulum homeowners can expect a steep rise in the appreciation of their homes.

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