7 Tulum Decor Ideas For Your New Home

Pick & Mix these Tulum Decor Style Ideas to Make Your Home Tuluminati.

The design and decor of Tulum captivate many visitors to the area. This rustic Mexican town is full of bohemian decorative styles.

This article is a style guide so you can design your very own unique ultimate bohemian getaway home in Tulum.

1. Think Wood & White Decor

A white palette with natural wood is the hallmark of Tulum’s interior design.

The crisp, coastal vibe of Tulum is almost like living inside a coconut. With bright whites and rich mixed woods. Adobe walls and thatched roofs create a soothing setting.

It’s very easy to get relaxed when you’re living in Tulum. The color palette feels that way, as does the uncluttered and casual vibe.

2. Think Rustic Luxury Chic

Try the perfect blend of minimal Mexican modernism and Old World bohemia. Use Victorian antiques and crystal chandeliers. Create a unique old-world feel in your home.

3. Mayan Inspiration

You can accessorize it with organic textures and subtle, earthy hues. Add ceramics and sterling silver pieces features. Add hand-wrought detail for an elegant feel.

4. Apply Nature & Symmetry

Have your Tulum home décor features simple and symmetrical arrangements. This will give your home a fresh and carefree look without overly fussy details.

Quiet, dramatic flourishes will add a hint of sophistication and romance to the otherwise pared-down, chic style.

5. Island Vibe Color Palette

Create an island vibe. Use the harmony of natures colors inspire you. With textures that contrast. and complement one another, and objects that resemble natural elements.

Think pineapple, lime green to papaya orange hues.

6. Explore Stone Look

To create a sexy space, use raw elements like poured concrete and broken concrete. Exposing concrete and other bare elements gives you a simple, chic look. Iconic of the Tulum decor style.

7. 50 Shades of Neutral

Neutral tones characterize the adobe walls of the white sand beaches of Tulum. Muted interior colors match the white sandy Tulum beach. It also draws attention to the ocean and jungle views of the surroundings.

In Summary: Stick to a neutral palette. This will make your home style in the realm of the Tuluminati. Use wood and natural materials. Make use of stone and concrete finishes.

You want to create the feeling of space and relaxation. Neutral palettes allow the surroundings of the jungle and beach viewed and taken in.

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