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US Couple Buy a Tulum Penthouse and Transform it Into a Jungle Getaway You Can Stay In.

What started off as a dream turned into something magical for Kirsten and Zack, a young Washington couple who found their dream property in Tulum Mexico.

The couple bought a 2-story Penthouse in Aldea Zama Tulum after falling in love with Tulum Mexico.

“We fell in love with the town.” says Zack. ‘We’ve always dreamed of owning a place abroad. But we weren’t able to afford anything like this in the US.”

“We were at a point in our lives where we wanted to own our first piece of property, a home away from home.” says Kirsten.

Zack & Kirsten from Washington, USA
Zack & Kirsten fell in love with Tulum Mexico.

The couple began searching for their Tulum dream vacation property in the winter of 2020. Enlisting the help of Real Estate agent Dennise Garcia one of the top agents with Caribe Luxury Homes.

Zack and Kirsten decided to buy a place in Aldea Zama Tulum because they love the vibe of the neighborhood.

“We were looking for somewhere a little quieter, away from the hustle of the town and beach road. But also close enough to pop over for a night out. Something open with outdoor living space. A place that we could also add our own touches to.” says Zack.

Dennise found a great deal on a place that matched their requirements. A 2-story (lock-off) Penthouse with a rooftop and two bedrooms. Incredibly there just so happen to be a natural cenote next door as well.

For Zack and Kirsten, this was the perfect home and blank canvas for them to be inspired to decorate the way they wanted to.

“It was a blank slate of a home and open for us to add our personal touches and make our own.” says Zack.

“It was originally a blank slate for us to work with. I wanted it to feel like a safe and comforting space.” says Kirsten.

And then their work started. With just 2-months to get their penthouse apartment ready. The direction was clear from the beginning.

“We decided on earthy tones, and plenty of plants.” says Kirsten.

“Yes. The idea was warm lighting and lots of plants.” says Zack.

Before/After Transformation:

One of the bigger challenges was transforming the wood which was originally yellow-like and restraining it into a darker earthy color.

“Restaining all of the wood was a challenge! It was originally a yellow wood, but we wanted to see the color of dark wood with warm tones throughout the home.” says Kirsten.

They removed the side kitchen bench, and in doing so opened up the space in the kitchen.

Kirsten and Zack introduced warmth in the lounge. Giving a warm feeling that carries out towards the open balcony. Adding lounge couches and minimalistic boho-chic items.

Kirsten and Zack’s favorite place is the rooftop.

They created a space where you can lounge and enjoy the day or the night. With a jacuzzi, covered lounge area, outdoor shower, yoga/gym area, and lounge chairs so you can capture some sun and gaze up at the stars.

It was important for plants to be throughout the house and they are best featured on the rooftop. At night.

Picture of Private Jungle Penthouse:

Click to see All images

Click to see All images

You can now book a night or even stay a week as this beautiful property is now on Airbnb starting September 2021.

Collecting perfect 5-star reviews on Airbnb and bringing much delight to everyone who stays. Such as Shaina who decided to surprise her mother for her birthday.

“I decided to surprise my mom for her 65th birthday with a trip to Tulum. She can be hard to impress and even she was blown away by how gorgeous the place is. Everything is exactly as pictured & our group of 3 had more than enough space between the 2 floors.” says Shaina.

If you are looking for a beautiful 2-bedroom property to stay in and experience the best of Tulum then click here to view this property on Airbnb.

Left to Right: Kirsten, Dennise Garcia & Zack.

If you are looking for a Tulum vacation property to buy then click here to contact our real estate agents who can help you today.

If you would like help from Tulum Real Estate agent Dennise Garcia who helped Zack & Kirsten then you can email her: or call her: +52 1 984 104 7876.

“We went through a few different agents before finding Dennise. We loved her vibe. She wasn’t pushy at all and listened to everything we had to say. Her attention to detail and honesty was amazing.” says Zack.

“We talked to maybe 10 agents but when we met Dennise we knew we wanted to only work with her. She was absolutely amazing!” says Kirsten.

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