9 Reasons Why Americans Love Moving to Mexico

Are you on the fence about moving to Mexico? Well, being on stuck on the fence, isn’t a good place to be for too long.

Alas, here is a list we compiled of the good reasons, so you can decide for yourself if a life in Mexico is right for you.

Starting with…

9 Reasons Why Americans Love Moving to Mexico

1) Better weather than back home, every season.

Is your skin feeling tired and needs a healthy dose of vitamin D in those winter months? Places in Mexico such as Playa del Carmen (in the Yucatan Peninsula) guarantee you sunny weather all year round. There are many options available in Riviera Maya.

In general, Mexico’s weather is very mild and pleasant all year around. Doesn’t that sound better than enduring the bitterly cold?

This leads to the next reason…

2) A much better lifestyle

It’s no secret that better weather means less time shoveling snow or enduring the biting cold. However, most Americans see their quality of life improve dramatically.

Mexico gives Americans a better lifestyle

Infact, recent study by Expat Insider 2018 suggests that 20% of expats chose to live in Mexico to improve their quality of life with the climate and weather.

Having access to services at a significantly less cost. Mexico ranks 2nd out of 68 in the Cost of Living Index and 3rd in the Personal Finance Index.

This leads perfectly to the next reason…

3) More time enjoying the outdoors

Better climate and weather equals more time outdoors for most Americans who move to Mexico. It seems most Americans find themselves spending lots of their time exploring activities and leisures in Mexico. Why?

Beach lifestyle in Mexico

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Mexico is ranked the friendliest population in the world.

4) Availability of domestic help for very little money: Cook, maid, gardener.

Who loves cleaning their house and doing mundane chores every week? The cost of domestic services are considerably less in Mexico.

The hourly rate for cleaning service in USA is 534% more than living in Mexico.

5) Cost of Living is less expensive than USA

As of 2020, the cost of living in United States is 163% more expensive than in Mexico.

Cost of living makes for relaxed lifestyle
Food+ 123% more expensive in USA
Housing+ 248% more expensive in USA
Clothes+ 70% more expensive in USA
Transportation+ 139% more expensive in USA
Personal Care+ 175% more expensive in USA
Entertainment+ 137% more expensive in USA
TOTAL: (Cost of Living in USA compared to Mexico):+ 163% more expensive in USA

6) Sufficiently good health and dental care at very reasonable prices.

The New York Times reported that residents of the United States living near the Mexican border routinely crossed into Mexico for medical care.

In 2007, the Washington Post reported that Mexican dentists charged 20-25% of US prices, and other procedures typically cost a third of the US price.

Healthcare for Americans in Mexico

7) A ready made American community with lots of people with similar interests.

It’s no secret that Mexico has a growing community of Americans living in Mexico. More than a million expats estimated to live in Mexico.

This makes Mexico the most popular destination for North Americans looking to move abroad.

There are many places to live in Mexico.

8) Cheap Beer. Good food – you don’t need to cook yourself.

Food in United States is 123% more expensive than in Mexico. Vegetables and buying local produce makes things much less expensive and the quality is high. For example 1kg of tomatoes costs 338% less in Mexico.

Basic take-out food is very accessible in Mexico. Often you find food within walking distance of your house. Fast food is less expensive in Mexico. For example. Big Mac meal is 79% less expensive.

The Price of food in Mexico is cheaper & Great quality

Do you like to enjoy a cold beer on a warm day?

National beer in Mexico is 261% less expensive, leaving a better taste in your mouth and as well as your wallet.

9) Proximity to the USA – you can fly or drive.

Being so close to USA is one of the main reasons Americans choose Mexico rather than places further abroad.

Being able to visit loved ones or returning home for short visit is easy.

Flights to Mexico are cheap and regular

Incredibly, many expats feel so good in Mexico that more than half (52%) say they may stay forever.


The reason for many Americans are vast. Of the Americans who currently live in Mexico, 53% say it will be their new home for the reason of their lives.

Expats in Mexico did a surveyed to find out what the Top Reasons People Consider Moving to Mexico (below is the results of the survey on pie chart):


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