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6 Reasons You Should Use a Real Estate Buyers Agent to Buy a Condo in Tulum.

What’s the different between a buyers agent and the other real estate agents in Tulum Mexico?

Buying a condominium in Tulum Mexico can be stressful. And there are hundreds of condos to choose from, with varying features and amenities.

Not only that but there is also the back and forth between you and the seller’s agent on price and conditions. And how do you make a successful offer on a condo?

A broker will take a lot of stress off your plate while helping you find the best condo at the best price.

In this article we examine why you should use a real estate buyer agent when navigating the Tulum Real Estate Market.

Here are 6 Reasons why a real estate buyer agent is necessary for condo purchases in Tulum, Mexico:

1. The buyers broker (real estate broker) will look out for you as the buyer in Tulum.

A buyer’s broker will be your advocate as you search for a home in the Tulum market. A buyer broker will negotiate on your behalf as a buyer.

A buyer’s agent (or a buyer broker) will be an advocate for you (the buyer) in the transaction. As a buyer, a real estate broker will work to make sure you get the right condo at the right price.

A buyer’s real estate broker (buyer’s broker) negotiates with the developer to secure the best terms for you, the buyer.

Because a good developer has people who represent his interests in these business dealings, so it makes sense for you as the buyer to make sure you are represented correctly so that you get the best deal possible.

A buyer’s agent can provide you with objective information about the properties available in Tulum. The information provided to you by other real estate agents will be biased toward the properties they represent.

You need someone to help you look at the big picture and think of all your options. A buyer’s broker is like hiring a personal consultant—without paying any additional costs!

2. Buyer broker does not represent the seller.

You can ask your buyer broker to help you find a property in Tulum that meets all of your requirements.

He won’t be working for any specific seller or developer, and as such will take the time to find the best property for your situation.

You will always be his/her priority. Our real estate broker’s goal is to help you find the property that best meets your needs–regardless of the seller.

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3. You don’t need to pay broker fees as the buyer

As a buyer in the United States, you may be used to paying a real estate broker as a fee for his service. But not in Mexico. The buyer broker (or agent) is paid by the seller of the property.

If you are planning to buy a condo in Tulum Mexico then you can feel better about not having to pay unnecessary fees to a broker.

The broker fees is built into the price of Tulum Property (you don’t pay extra)

If you are buying a Condo in Tulum Mexico, the broker’s commission is built into the price of the property. The purchase price is not discounted if you buy directly from the developer.

A buyer’s broker will be paid a percentage of the total purchase price and can be approximately 3-6% of the purchase price.

A buyer’s broker can save you thousands of dollars and fees because they typically have access to more than one developer and can negotiate with them for better pricing.

Condos are often sold out prior to construction being complete. The broker also helps locate units that have been “off-market” for some time and can be purchased at a significant discount. In addition, the project may have additional amenities or upgrades that may not have been advertised or available to other potential buyers.

4. You get all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

You’ll learn more by working with a buyer’s broker. A buyer’s agent will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about any property in Tulum, Mexico.

Buyer brokers can provide a range of facts. Including: Background information about each property, developer, and management company; Comparable sales and price comparisons; Anticipated occupancy rates; Appreciation potential; Possible risks; Negotiating strategies; Financing and insurance options. They can also provide information detailing the particularities of areas in Tulum.

The more you know, the better decision you can make. This is very important.

5. A buyer broker will protect your confidentiality

A buyer broker is 100% loyal to you. You can give him information about yourself and your interests that you don’t want the seller to know, and he won’t tell the seller.

If you use a buyer’s agent, he will only share information with the seller that you authorize him to share.

Your buyer’s agent will not disclose your interests or needs to any seller without your permission.

A buyer’s broker is your advocate. He or she works for you and only you. Your agent will keep shared information confidential.

6. A specialists in Condos and Properties in Tulum Mexico

Just as you wouldn’t choose a general practitioner to operate on your heart, you shouldn’t choose just any realtor for buying real estate in Tulum Mexico.

Condo-hotels and fractionals are highly specialized forms of real estate in Mexico. Because the concept is so new, many real estate professionals don’t fully comprehend it.

A real estate broker who specializes in condo and fractionals will have a depth of insight into the best properties for you.

Don’t make the mistake of using a real estate agent who doesn’t completely understand this specialized market in Mexico.

Click here to contact our real estate agents who represent you as the buyer and are specialists in Condos in Tulum Mexico.


Here is the summary of why you should use a buyer real estate agent/broker in Tulum Mexico:

  • They will provide you with all the detailed information about all properties on the Tulum market that meet your criteria.
  • The real estate broker/agent will prepare property comparisons to enable you to make an educated decision on the property that is right for you.
  • They will do your due diligence before you buy a Tulum condo. To make sure all the material facts about the real estate are disclosed up front you are known.
  • They will provide you with details on the condominium’s developer, management company, and location in Tulum.
  • They will negotiate the best price on your Tulum condo on your behalf.
  • They will listen to your needs and find a condo that matches them.
  • They will protect your identity and privacy.
  • They will be loyal to you through the entire purchasing process. We’re also willing to seek out answers to any questions that arise along the way.

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