Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick

Real Estate Market Advisor in Riviera Maya.

Playa del Carmen: The Fastest Growing City in Latin America

In the 19th century industrialisation grew cities in America dramatically, however the fastest growing city in latin America is not an industrial city and is not the capital of its country. It´s a tropical place near the sea called Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen has seen a population increase of over 15.9% annually consistently for the past 8 years from its booming tourist industry. Approximately 30,000 people come to Playa del Carmen looking for employment and opportunities for business.

The government of Playa Del Carmen has made an investment of 400 million pesos to further improve infrastructure, public services and encourage even more migration to this city.

Mexico city is still steadily growing at around 0.8% per year however places with factories or tourism are more popular than the countries capital city. Cities such as Tijuana (North Baja California), San Cristobal del las Casas (Chiapas), San José del Cabo (South Baja California). These cities have also an above the average economic situation. Nowadays places with factories or tourism are more popular than the capital of the country.

The perfect time to invest in Playa del Carmen real estate is right now. There is no better time to get started and expand your own investment portfolio. Get in touch with us today for more information by sending us an email and by contacting us through our contact page here.

Let´s get expand your financial investment and broadening your horizons by investing in the fastest growing city in latin America.

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