TEDx ZazilHa - Playa del Carmen

The First TEDx In Playa Del Carmen

TEDx Zazilha organizes the first TEDx talk in Playa del Carmen Mexico

The first TEDx talk in Playa del Carmen was a huge success. With 5 speakers in total sharing and spreading ideas worth sharing.

The event was hosted on January 13th, 2022 was held at the Teatro de la Ciudad in Playa del Carmen.

The theme of this first TEDx event in Playa del Carmen was about sustainable societies with guests speaking talking about their journey and discoveries in this realm.

Caribe Luxury Homes was proud to be invited to the event by TEDx Zazil-Ha sponsors AKA Capital Mexico.

Event organizer Monica Liceaga and her big team of supporters and helpers had just 10-weeks to organize and put together the event.

“We couldn’t have made this TEDx event possible without the support and help from the whole team.” says Monica.

Each guest speaker was carefully selected by Monica and her team. Each of them telling their own stories of the triumph, their challenges in the world of business, creating a community and finding their own purpose.

Though the main theme was sustainability and the idea of making a better world together through our society.

It was equally also about struggle, never giving up, and finding your own purpose in the world.

Make sure you keep an eye on the next TEDx Zazil-Ha Playa del Carmen event by following their Facebook page and checking their events on their website.

Event Organizer and presenter Monica Liceaga introduced each guest speaker.
TEDx Sponsor AKA Capital with Caribe Luxury Homes
Congratulations to AKA Capital and other supporters, helpers, and sponsors for a successful first event at TEDx ZazilHa. Alberto Gainz from AKA capital with Mark from Caribe Luxury Homes.



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