Mayan Train Latest Updates

An update on the progress of The Mayan Train Journey in Mexico

The Mayan Train project in Mexico gained momentum in 2022 check out the progress below:

Crews working on the Mayan Train project in Mexico have received over 7,300 tons of ballast material from Veracruz and in total, the project will need over 4.6 million cubic meters for the seven sections of the route.

Upon completion, the Mayan Train will span 948 miles, connecting cities along the Yucatan Peninsula, from Palenque in Chiapas to Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Construction of the Mayan train is in 5 sections as illustrated on this map.

Here are the latest developments as follows:

  • In section 1, in Tenosique, Tabasco, the construction of Longitudinal Drainage Works continues. Up to now, 2,060 linear meters have been advanced. This work is carried out along the completed embankment, of which 81 km have already been carried out and an additional 60 km are under construction.

    In El Triunfo, Balancán, workers are unloading cement from Veracruz. To date, they’ve received about 13,295 cubic meters of cement.
New Boca del Cerro bridge, on the Maya Train. Mexico
  • In section 2 (section connecting Tenabo and Pomuch in Campeche), works on the railbed can be seen advancing steadily, the subgrade (a layer of sediment such as gravel, sand, or silt that provides strength and support to a layer or rock above it) is being supplied, and initial stripping work is being performed..
  • In section 3, the simultaneous construction of vehicular crossings continues in Euán, San Bernardino, Chocho, Poxilá and Hoctún in Yucatán. We have also made considerable progress in bending and fitting steel for different climbs; 15 vehicular crossings have been built.
  • In section 4, work is advanced on the Kantunil-Cancun Highway. There are 104km out of 127km available.

In addition to providing a new, efficient means of travel and employment for people in southeastern Mexico, the Mayan Train is creating new, safe pathways for wildlife along its route.

Along the train route, infrastructure for wildlife has been built with the support of local communities. In addition to tunnels for large mammals and steel clearance activities, 58 Transversal Drainage Works are being built to protect small vertebrates.

Thanks to the Mayan Train, some 92,050 jobs have been created in southeastern Mexico in 2022.

Completion date for the Mayan Train

The Maya Train—the proposed transportation project between Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Central America—is targeted for completion in 2023.

The government has said that the Maya Train should be ready to start its first trip by December 2023.

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