Caribe Luxury Homes Real Estate Mexico Team Enjoys helping you buy and sell your property in Riviera Maya.

What We Do For You:

Help you find your Mexican Home Search

Assistance in making an offer on your Mexican Property

We guide you through the process of closing on your Mexican Property

Help you with obtaining your Residency Visa

We are a Team of Experts dedicated to you with everything

Rather than you having to deal with lots of different people at once, we decided to create an A-Team made up of professionals who are experts at what they do. 

Zulema Realtor Mexico

Zulema Murillo - Real Estate Sales Advisor

Zulema is an absolute Superstar with facilitating sales of Real Estate properties. She´s a top performer in sales and there is a good reason for this. Her attitude and commitment to her clients is unmatched. Whether buying or selling, Grissel makes sure clients get the best result possible. She enjoys going to the beach with friends and family in her spare time.

Luis Sanchez - Real Estate Legal Advisor

Luis is a valuable member of the CLH team, helping overseas client locate and start their new life in Riviera Maya. Luis helps every client through the legal process of buying their Mexican property. Buying property can be abit of a struggle, with Luis´s expertise the process is easy for all our clients. Luis enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Mark Kilpatrick - Real Estate Marketing Advisor

A big part of helping sellers sell their property is correctly marketing their homes. Mark has 10 years of experience in marketing and has a university degree in Marketing from University of Auckland, New Zealand. When he is not working he enjoys watching and playing sports, snapping photographs and loves swimming at beach.

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Our story

Of Friendship & service

11 years ago Zulema met Luis while selling houses in Riviera Maya. Their friendship grew.

However, Luis decided to take a different path. Transferring from sales and into Legal studies and becoming a qualified lawyer.

In 2016 Zulema returned to Riviera Maya after staying in New Zealand for 2 years where she learned to speak fluent English.

One night after a few Cervezas together Luis explained that he wanted to start his own legal business but felt abit reluctant.

Zulema thought that was a great idea. She had been thinking about starting a Real Estate company. Together they decided to focus on serving Mexicans and overseas clients who love the idea of owning their own Luxury property in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Zulema’s partner Mark had arrived in Riviera Maya for a 3 months holiday from New Zealand. Like most people who come to Riviera Maya, he decided he wanted to stay.

After that very same night while driving home, Zulema mentioned to Mark about starting a Real Estate company and explained that the team needed someone who can be in charge of marketing and advertising.

That was Mark.

Together they formed Caribe Luxury Homes Mexico, a successful growing Real Estate company in Riviera Maya Mexico who loves providing their clients with a full quality service and smiles.

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