three kings day in mexico

How Three Kings Day (Dia de Los Reyes) is celebrated in Mexico

What is the three kings’ day?

On December 6, Mexico marks the end of its Christmas season with a holiday called Three Kings’ Day, named for the biblical Magi, or “wise men,” who followed a star to Bethlehem to see Jesus Christ.

Three kings day is a festival in Mexico during which the posadas season ends and festivities begin. It is a time of celebration and contrasts with the posadas because it is a time of peace and prosperity, instead of poverty and suffering.

What happens on the three kings’ day in Mexico?

Instead of Santa Claus, children in Mexico, Spanish-speaking Latin America, and Spain receive more gifts from Three Kings on the day after Christmas.

Before going to bed on the night of January 5 and 6, the children place their old shoes by their bedsides while making a wish list that they leave on top of their shoes.

In the morning on January 6, they wake up to find their shoes filled with toys and gifts from the Three Kings.

On Día de Los Reyes, Mexicans serve Rosca de Reyes or King’s Cake. The name “Rosca” means wreath and “Reyes” means kings.

The Rosca de Reyes has an oval shape to symbolize a crown and has a small doll inside, which represents baby Jesus.

The doll figure symbolizes the hiding of the infant Jesus from King Herod’s troops. Traditionally, roscas are adorned with dried and candied fruits to symbolize the many jewels that a crown would have.

In Spanish-speaking countries and communities, one tradition is to place the doll representing Jesus in the center of the cake instead of just hiding it; whoever finds the hidden doll must host a party on Día de la Candelaria (or day of the Candlemas) in February. El Dia de la Candelaria is the celebration day for the purification of the Virgin Mary.

In other households whoever finds the baby must buy everyone else tamales on dia de la Candelaria.

In summary:

On January 6th, many families in Mexico celebrate Three Kings’ Day, a holiday that honors the arrival of the three wise men who visited Jesus shortly after his birth.

It can be compared to Christmas day in western culture. It’s a special day for families and children where gifts are given .


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