Closing Costs in Mexico

Who Pays the Closing Costs in Mexico?

Clients often ask if the closing fees are included or who will pay them when it comes to buying and selling a home in Mexico.

Things are a little different than in other places in the world. In Mexico, the Closing fees are paid by the seller. The buyer only has to pay for the Property Transfer Tax.

Many Americans and foreigners are not familiar with how real estate works in Mexico. It’s important to get advice on buying and selling property in Mexico.

Summary: The closing fees in Mexico are paid by the buyer of the property. A surveyor, notary public, attorney and title insurance are all required to close the transaction. When buying property in Mexico it is recommended that you use a reputable attorney, escrow company and title insurance provider.

Luckily Caribe Luxury Homes has inhouse attorney, notaries and title insurance provders to make sure the closing of your property happens safely and smoothly.

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