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Does Tulum Investment Property Make You Money?

Is it Smart to Invest in Tulum Property as a Canadian in 2022?

Tulum is one of the top high rental yielding beach towns in the world. Popular for real estate investors who want to invest at a fast pace.

But how do you make money on your Tulum Investment Property? And what makes Tulum Properties one of the best investments? Does the Covid-19 impact on the Mexican economy open up a massive opportunity for Canadian investors? Or does it actually hurt your investment?

Let’s answer all this for you.

Tulum Real Estate Investment - Tulum Investment Property Mexico for Canadians

Why Invest in Tulum Mexico Real Estate?

Buying real estate in Tulum is one of the best investments right now, with luxury condos in Tulum beating the stock market with 8-13% return on investment.

Most stock market’s average yearly expected return is between 5.43% according to conducted reports (view graphic above). With most people planning on this investment to be for their retirement. When you do the calculations and factor in yearly inflation rates (roughly -1.6% per year) then 6-7% drops to between 4.4% and 5.4%.

Why Mexico Real Estate is better than stocks?

Real estate naturally goes against inflation. Infact, it consistently delivers better returns of 10.71% or more since 2000. Real Estate outperforms the stock market 2:1 since 2000.

That 10.71% is compounding making this more lucrative. That’s why real estate investors do much better and are more secure investors over a longer period.

Therefore many investors are putting their investment money into Mexico beach real estate rather than stocks.

It’s smarter and the safer choice!

UPDATE – Weakened Mexican Currency Against Foreign Currency for Best Real Estate Investment Opportunity – It’s never been like this before.

On March 23rd 2020, the Mexican peso fell to a new record low against the Canadian dollar due to the economic impact of the Covid-19.

1 Canadian dollar was selling at banks for as much as 16.23. For the first time ever the Canadian dollar was over 16 pesos.

This opened up a massive opportunity for investment in Tulum for Canadians.

Vacation Rental Market Will See a Bigger Lift After Covid-19

Social distancing has already caused behavioural changes in technology. More people working away from an office home has become normal.

But some predict that vacation rentals will see an even bigger lift. Resorts could see a decline long term with COVID-19 changing social behaviour. With more people becoming warier of their surroundings, opting for a more private experience in a vacation rental from Airbnb and listing platforms.

Click here to Get listings of 10 Best Tulum Investment Condos under $150k.

Riviera Maya Tourism Re-opens on June 10th 2020

Riviera Maya tourism re-opened to tourism on the 10th of June 2020. This has granted a window of opportunity for investing in Tulum.

As you can see the Mexican currency has already strengthened a little. Making now the time to invest in Tulum.

Forbes Names Tulum is the Best Place to travel and Live in Mexico

Forbes names Tulum as the best place in Mexico to live. This news has made Tulum real estate prize beach real estate in Mexico.

Click here to read the article about Why Forbes says Tulum is Best Place to live in Mexico.

What’s the Best Way to Make Money on your Tulum Investment Property?

The best way to make money from your Tulum Investment Property is through vacation renting your property.

Right now brand new condo-hotel developments in Tulum offer resort-style services and amenities, with a “Hands-off approach”. 

What does this mean for our investors? It means that you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to maintaining or profiting from your Tulum investment property.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and collect ongoing rental income and enjoy a Mexico vacation away from home with friends or family whenever you feel the urge (You have up to 30 days available for personal use – it is optional).

Become an investor for a better lifestyle, not a landlord.

Do you want to get the best ROI possible? You are best to buy pre-sale or pre-construction investment properties. 

Why buy pre-sale Mexico Real Estate? When buying pre-sale Tulum Real Estate you can expect up to a 20% discount. 

Buying pre-sale means sometimes waiting for up to 1-2 years for the construction to be fully complete and ready for your property to go on the market and make you money.

It is possible to Tulum investment property that is still on pre-sale but almost delivered? Yes, however, you are best to speak to someone from our Real Estate team who can provide these listings for you.

Click here if you would like someone from our team to provide you will these listings.

Tulum Weather - Mexico Real Estate - Tulum Investment Property
The all year round warm climate of Tulum makes it a popular vacation destination for tourists.

World-Class Tourism in Tulum makes for High Occupancy rates all-year-around

In high season, Tulum vacation rentals and hotels experience occupancy rates of between 80 to 90+%. Why so high?

It’s no secret that Tulum is a very popular destination for tourists. In fact, the predicted percentage increase for Cancun airport tourist arrivals is expected to increase by around 6%. This number steadily grows every year.

In recent years Tulum has experienced occupancy rates as high as 72% in low-season. This is world-class for anywhere and is considered a very good rate for low-season.

Price rates for low-season remain high for Hotels and vacation rentals. Charging up to $500 USD per night in the low-season months is fairly normal.

Your rental property can expect to experience a steady, high occupancy rate 365 days a year and a strong return on investment every year.

Make Money with your Tulum Investment Property as a Canadian

ROI for well-managed rental properties in Tulum is 10% and can be much higher. When you factor in the appreciation of Tulum property, the yearly increase of land value in the Tulum (around +8% per year), and on pre-sale prices, then you see why Tulum investment property is a solid investment opportunity now and into the future.

We have access to soon-to-be-completed Tulum Investment property deals that are high ROI condo-hotels. If you would like more information comment below or Click here to contact us today via our contact page.



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