8 Reasons Why Tulum Mexico Real Estate Market Is Booming (during the Pandemic)

With the Mexican Caribbean’s property market growing at its fastest pace, it is time to invest in Tulum. The area’s growing popularity has led to a shortage of apartments and hotels. According to a recent report by the National Institute of Tourism Research (NITR), visitors are returning to see the ruins for the first time in more than a decade.

The value of real estate in Tulum will continue to rise in the coming years as demand for housing in and around Tulum grows.

But what are the major drivers of this Real estate market? Here is the list of 8 reasons why Tulum Real Estate market is booming and why it will continue to trend upward.

tulum real estate market
This render won the project for the construction of the Maya Train.

1. Riviera Maya Railway Set to Spike Property Prices

With plans to build a rail network that will connect Tulum with the rest of Quintana Roo is already underway. Those who buy a property in Tulum, Mexico will get a generous return on their investment.

And buyers who bought a property 10 or 15 years ago may not believe in today’s prices, and it’s no surprise why.

New buyers choose Tulum because they can shop there at a lower price than in other parts of their own country. While getting a great long-term ROI on their investment.

real estate in tulum
Tourist enjoying the Tulum Ruins.

2. Unstoppable Tourism Market Spurs Tulums Real Estate Growth (During the COVID-19 Pandemic)

While the 2020-21 Pandemic has been crippling for many parts of the world, Tulum has somewhat immune. People from different parts of the world have chosen to stay short to long term in Tulum.

Many top destination in the world have completely shutdown. But Riviera Maya Mexico is the opposite. Tulum allows its guests to enjoy comfort while adhering to proper COVID-19 protocol.

tulum vacation rental market
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3. Workplace disruption aligns with Tulum’s lifestyle

Encase you haven’t noticed, there has been a major shift in the workplace environment. With many people being able to work online to make their living.

That means people are not as location-dependent. Tulum has become a hotspot for digital nomads and location-independent workers.

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4. Large Investments Pouring into Real Estate Development in Tulum

With a lot of residential and commercial development in the area, the market is on the up. Smart money is going to real estate investments in Tulum and other parts of Riviera Maya Mexico.

There are over 300 new Tulum Real Estate projects under construction to be delivered within the next 5 years.

And Tulum is a fast-growing city with structure and well-planned system unparalleled to any other place in Mexico.

Riviera Maya is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in the world. Making it a unique place to invest in.

riviera maya tulum real estate
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5. Top Destination for the Celebrities & the Wealthy

Today, Tulum has become a playground for the wealthy. Tulum luxury properties such as Aldea Zama are very popular. With demand is rising. Most new buyers want to move into a condo or rental apartment and enjoy a better lifestyle.

And the demand for condos and apartments in Tulum is greater than ever. For those who want to enter the luxury real estate market in one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities, now is the perfect time.

However, you should not buy Tulum properties if you want to buy and sell them quickly with the intention of making a quick profit. If you intend to make a quick profit, then you are not in the right market.

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6. Foreign Investment has rallied the Tulum Real Estate Market

Mexico’s real estate market has flourished in recent years. With foreign buyers seeking high-yield properties that offer attractive returns and unique real estate concepts.

This surge in demand is largely due to the booming tourism sector. With 41.4 million visitors to these sandy beaches in 2018 (Up 5.5% on 2017).

Tulum on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, is one of the most popular destinations, but the market is not dependent on one nation for tourism. Attracting tourism world-wide. Its the number 1 destination in all latin America.

tulum caribbean real estate market
Couple enjoying the lifestyle of Tulum.

7. One of the most popular places for Retirees

It is becoming increasingly popular as retirees seek a peaceful luxurious lifestyle in the city of Tulum. Many people are choosing to retire in this warm tropical climate as it offers much more than most cities.

Many foreigners think Tulum is a good choice for their retirement home. And it is one of the main features that are an important factor in the growth of the real estate market in this region.

Some investors see this as a way to make money even if they don’t use their property. For example, some pensioners see it as an opportunity to own or rent a holiday home, even though they don’t use it.

The Mayan Riviera has a large number of hotels, restaurants and resorts, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and hotels. A cosmopolitan region where safe investment opportunities are found. This has a positive impact on the Tulum local property market in recent years.

tulum investment property
Beachfront property in Tulum Mexico.

8. Forbes names Tulum to best Place to Live in Mexico

Tulum is a safe, healthy and beautiful destination for those who choose the South East.
In 2020, Forbes named Tulum as the best place in Mexico to live and stay. This has created even more interest in Tulum Mexico and built upon Tulums great reputation.

The real estate market in southeastern Mexico is trending especially in Tulum and Playa del Carmen. People love the concept of buying their own property. Some people finding what is called a “two-tier investment,” which is largely aimed at greater capital gains.

Tulum is a great place for many investors who want to get a better return on their investment than other parts of Mexico country.

Buying property in a tourist city like Tulum continues to yield a higher return than buying an apartment in Mexico City.

We already know that one of the 5 safest investments you can make in your life is property, so expect to buy the right deal at the right price.

Properties in Tulum cost less than half the price you would pay in other Caribbean locations.

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