USA vs Mexico Property

Buying a Condo in Mexico vs the USA

Is it better to buy a condo in Mexico or in the USA?

I’ve wanted to write an article like this for 6-months. As we’ve been getting lots of questions in regards to buying a condo in Mexico vs the USA.

The reason I never got around to it is that we’ve been busy helping many people find their dream property here in Riviera Maya Mexico.

And anything is it’s so hard to compare the two countries. Every person has their own idea of what makes one place better than another.

So in this article, I am going to talk about the differences in cost and opportunities of buying a condo in Mexico vs the USA.

The Cost of Buying a Condo in Mexico is less

To get a fair comparison we will compare a top condo market in Mexico vs a top condo market in the USA.

For this, we will compare Tulum, Mexico which is the most popular place to buy a condo in Mexico. Versus Miami, Florida where the condo market is the best in the USA.

Miami, FloridaTulum, Mexico
Average Price of a Condo$325,000 USD$210,000 USD
The average price of a condo per sqft$300 USD$230 USD
HOA fees per month$1,000 USD$175 USD
Yearly Property Tax on a $265,000 USD property$2,570 USD$400 USD

Profit in 10 Years (for $265,000 Condo):

Let’s look at the breakdown of profit over 10 years time on your property in Miami vs your property in Tulum Mexico.

Miami, FloridaTulum, Mexico
Estimated value of property in 10 years$563,125 USD$551,200 USD
Total appreciation$298,125 USD$286,200 USD
Expenses (HOA & Property Tax)$145,705 USD$28,000 USD
Profit (after expense)$152,420 USD$258,200 USD
As expenses are low in Mexico over time you gain more profit on your condo.

Over a 10 year period, you are making 51.52% more profit on your property in Tulum Mexico vs Miami, Florida.

The long-term profit from appreciation is greater on your Tulum Mexico condo.

This is why many Americans buy a second home in Mexico because it’s a great place to invest with low maintenance fees and modest property taxes.

However, to collect the maximum amount of profit on your Tulum condo you should think about renting it out.

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Would you like help and guidance from our real estate agents in Mexico? Then click here to contact our Real Estate agents today.


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