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5 Little Known Celebrity Vacation Rentals on Airbnb (That You Can Stay at)

Airbnb has some stunningly beautiful vacation rental homes for you to pick and stay in. If you are looking for a unique experience then you are going to find this list very interesting. Why not stay in any of these Celebrity Vacation Rentals?

Here is a list of the 10 celebrity vacation properties that you can actually stay at.

5. Jimi Hendrix’s Hideaway in  Makawao, Hawaii

Only $175 Per Night to be experienced

Not many musicians or music lovers can say they’ve spent their vacation in one of Jimi Hendrix’s Hideaways. It’s a place of inspiration for any true musicians, though hardly anyone knows about it. And if these walls could talk, you’d hear Jimi playing his famous songs. This is made for music lovers.

The Gingerbread House is a studio cottage located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. This cottage was built back in the 1930s and boasts a modest one bathroom and one bedroom, perfect for a single person visiting Hawaii alone or a couple looking for a romantic retreat.

What makes this cottage particularly special is the fact that Jimi Hendrix lived here in 1970 when he was filming Rainbow Bridge. This celebrity vacation rental is a cute little tropical hideaway, perfect for music lovers.

Click here to check it out.

4. Iron Man –  Fairburn, Georgia

Only $800 Per Night to feel like Iron Man on vacation

Who wouldn’t want to vacation like an Avenger? An eagle-eyed fan of the MCU was browsing Airbnb listings in the Atlanta area when they came across a familiar lakeside cabin.

Look familiar? If you’re a fan of The Avengers, then it’s likely that it does! This cabin is the exact one that Iron Man himself stayed in during The Avengers: Endgame after the snap with Pepper and Morgan. When this cabin was first discovered, it was listed for around $335 per night but it was raised to $800 sometime after.

3. Sonny & Cher – Los Angeles, California.

For Only $200 Per Night you can feel like Sonny & Cher

Calling all music fans! This house was built in the 1950s and is definitely a classic example of the mid-century modern style of home that was being built all over the country back then.

This house is particularly popular for music lovers that are looking to stay in Los Angeles, California because of the fact that the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home was once the home of Sonny & Cher back in the 1970s. This home is part of the LA Conservatory and a landmark in Los Angeles because of its former inhabitants.

This little blue cottage is just too cute to pass up. It’s located in Pacific Grove, California and is a highly sought-after vacation rental because it was once the writer’s studio of author John Steinbeck.

According to the Airbnb listing, this home was referenced by the author in a letter that he wrote in the 1940s when he was living there. This house was built in the 1920s and is one of a few small cottages that are located on the property. This cozy little cottage has one bedroom and one bathroom and would be a dream vacation rental for any book lovers.

2. Harry Houdini – Los Angeles, California.

For Only $1,500 – $2,500 Per Night you can feel magical

Are you a fans of historical figures and magic? Then you will love The Houdini Estate available on Airbnb. This is the home of illusionist Harry Houdini. This huge 1900s estate is as mysterious as Houdini’s tricks. You will find tunnels, caves, and a huge pool located on the lot.

This mansion has 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. Would you like to stay a night or two here? Guests pay $1,500 or $2,500 per night. The price depends on whether its weekday or weekend.

1. Julie Andrews – Accord, New York.

For Only $1,500 – $2,500 Per Night poppin and stay a while.

The Rubber House is a really unique home located in Accord, New York that was originally built for a famous choreographer who built the home to include a large dance studio and other really unique features. The home costs $500 per night and has two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

This home is most famous among people who love movies because of the fact that award-winning actress Julie Andrews once called this New York house her home.

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